Crashed Car

a crashed car took everything.
my love,
my joy,
my heart.
the man I loved was torn apart
by metal, squealing metal,
and glass
and the careless driver that swerved…
ripped my soul from my body
with too many drinks
and a curvy road.
too curvy.
my tears run cold
with the blood in my veins,
slipping down my skin slowly
to always let me know.
what you have is not always for long.
take love by chance.
be careful but still find romance
and gold
in the heart of someone you may love.

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Unmade Bed

There’s a story to tell
It starts with an unmade bed
and you running out the door
I don’t know why you run
I’m not asking for love

My heart doesn’t have strings
for you to pull on
I’m not a broken violen, baby

I only see myself in your sunglasses
You’ve always been a ghost
At night you crawl back to me
and I’ll allow it, for now…

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a deserted cabin remained.
we went our separate ways
after we shared words
and things got ugly.
what a fight.
you were hasty
and I was stupid.
what happens now?

we met last summer
on the beach.
we shared kisses
in the fall
as colors fell
to the ground around us.
we held each other
through a winter so bitter.
once spring arrived
we took a nice trip
to the mountains.
or I hoped it would be.
now we’re both alone
in time for summer.
the season we met.
what happens now?
what happens to us?
what happened?
or not…

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He can make me blush
I feel such a rush
Whenever he’s near
I’m a quiet girl
With nothing to tell
But he listens anyway

Life’s embrace
Can make my heart ache
For you, for me, for us
Champagne lies
And caviar kisses
Change our ways

Brilliant desires
And broken hearts
Turn laughter to tears
And love to dust
Magic eyes
So blue I could cry

What Am I Doing?

Leaves fall like colorful raindrops
Fall is here and I’m getting cold
What girl am I now?
Someone so full of so bad
With a little good too
I’m a fever that breaks
Like waves on the beach
I could devour you
And take you down with me
I die a little inside
Everytime I see your face
I’m cool marble
A stoic face
But inside my heart beats
So wildly
I’m your secret
I’m ashamed
Life’s smoke in my veins
My porcelain skin
Looks like it might break
I have a fire inside
That could really blaze
I’m incongruous
I have nothing to say
All my thoughts
Are disjointed and astray
What am I trying to do?

Losing It

I’m like salt in a wound
I’m nothing good for you
I use and abuse
Like it’s easy as pie
Whatever that means
I’m a woman scorned
I’m a woman alone
Help me find a way
To leave this world
I’m losing it
I’m lost
I’ve given up
I’ve crossed
You and everyone

Sneak Peek

You want something private, unfiltered, spontaneous?

I’ll try to give that to you.
Today I took my medications, more pills than I should have on my nightstand.

Being that I’m only 23 years-old. That’s something private in my opinion.

I think Mitt Romney is a creepy, smug-looking moron who repeats himself;

I don’t think Obama looks much better. So, that’s something unfiltered.

I like to take pain pills sometimes. And that’s something spontaneous.

What else can I say? I’m tired of trying to be something I’m not.

I wasn’t born with the gift of writing, but I damn sure do my best.


What else can I say? I told you so much already.

I’m not full of secrets, or maybe I am. I can’t tell you everything because that

would take a lot of explaining. I can’t do that. I tell everyone I’m fine,

when most of the time I feel so lonely, jittery, and confused.


I don’t know what to expect.

I don’t know what to do.

I’m not sure what my future holds. And that scares me.

I take everything in whole instead of piece by piece.

And that wrecks me.

I can’t be self-assured when I’m not myself and I’m not sure.

Locked Up Love

She never lets love in and he knows it.

He tries to fight through her walls but he can’t beat them.

She’s a riddle to solve, a code to crack.

She’s everything he wants, but seems to lack.

They are meant for each other, but her heart holds her back.

When it’s the right time their love will attack.

Break the lines and push forward.

Until their love is free and warming both their hearts.

Break the shackles on their hearts, break the locks to each ribcage.

Use a key to set love free.


I’ve got my self-respect

Even though I can’t see it

Vulnerability is my weakness

And my strength, I can feel it

Time and trouble swarms me

But victory is still mine

I sleep my sorrows away

I feel my heart beating

And I know I’m alive

No matter what happens

I will always survive.

Bad Dream

Night-time arrived faster than the sun could fall

It was a particular color, velvet blue, a velvet night

It was like being underwater and losing myself

Falling asleep and waking up start the same fight

Growing older is like getting lost in a book

How to know if you’re in love

A bad dream

A ghost